SAP B1(Business One) Success Stories

Banafar Pharma, Hyderabad



Austere has successfully completed the implementation  of SAP Business one in record time of one month to the satisfaction of the client. for detailed case study click here...
"After the implementation of SAP Business One, Our statutory reports are being filed on time, our collections have improved with timely reminders from SAP B1. "

Srikanth Singh.
Managing Partner,
Banafar Pharma

Appreciation letter from the client for the excellent work by Austere!

Jyothi Dairy Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad




We have successfully implemented SAP Business One for Jyothi Dairy Pvt. Ltd.,  Hyderabad.


Austere has successfully integrated the logistics, purchase, production and sales process for Jyothi Dairy. We have completely automated the procurement process by integrating Milk analyzer and Weighing Scale to SAP B1, there by controlling the possible pilferage during the procurement. The information is captured at HO level, immediately after making the GRPO at Chilling centre, with timely alerts to the right people using SAP B1 messaging system and SMS alerts, wherever necessary.