Bnb Scientific Co., India



Austere ties up with Bnb Scientific Co. to develop bioinformatics software.
BnB Scientific co. is a company that caters to the needs of their clientele by providing custom-made solutions. Following are some of the activities of Bnb Scientific co.

Microarray data analysis
Online sequence annotation tools for life science and non life science scholars
Phylogenetic analysis
Multiple sequence alignment for life science students
Protein structure prediction for biologists
Molecular visualization module for students
Chaos Game Representation (CGR) of biological data
Mat lab for chemists
Mat lab for life scientists
HMM for beginners
Bioinformatics for doctors
Bioinformatics for programmers
Computer aided drug design (CADD) for pharmacy students
CADD for doctors
Data retrieval from biological databases

Austere has tied up with them to develop and assist in all the software related activities of Bnb Scientific co. Following are some of the activities where Austere Software Solutions will play a key role.

Software Development for Bioinformatics C++, Bio-PHP, Java etc.
Micro Array Image Analysis
PCR Primer Design And Analysis
Gene Annotation
Computer Aided Drug Design
Phylogenetic Analysis
Gene Motif Identification
Sequence Analysis